Anonymous said: my sociology professor said that in order for communism to take over, capitalism has to play itself out. (meaning carry on until we crash and burn from the growing separation of the upper and working class, instead of a sort of uprising from the proletarians like Marx speculated) Thoughts on that? (genuinely curious!)

I certainly hope that that isn’t what happens, but I see how it could be possible. So many people are still trying so hard to prove that capitalism is good, especially the people who benefit the most from it. It makes sense that some people would think that capitalism has to “play itself out” to be gotten rid of. It seems worse now than it used to be, but it’s really not. I used to think American capitalism was slowly getting more cruel, but really it started out extremely cruel and just stayed there, it’s just that I am more aware than I used to be. What I mean here is that it seems like people are going to stop supporting capitalism in larger numbers because it’s getting worse, but capitalism isn’t getting worse, it’s always been this bad.

Capitalism is going to end one day, but we cannot know how long that will take, and we cannot ensure that a Marxist system will take its place. So, even though capitalism will eventually end, we have to do everything we can to ensure that it ends as soon as possible and is replaced with a Marxist system and nothing else. An uprising of some sort is necessary to play out the steps toward communism and to do it soon.

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Anonymous said: So you hate capitalism? Including your computer, phone and other consumer goods that are also products of capitalism, comrade?

Yeah, anon, because I have the choice to just not buy capitalist goods in this capitalist country.

Anonymous said: So, you're a social justice warrior, on the internet? And I assume you receive some sort of monetary compensation for it?

Do you receive monetary compensation for being such a jack ass? I don’t see why anyone would put so much effort into being inflammatory for free.

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Anonymous said: Could you please tag your reblogs with trigger warnings? You just reblogged a post making a joke about lung cancer, which is a big trigger for me. I love your blog, but stuff like that is really upsetting for me. Thanks bunches!

What do you want me to tag it (and any other posts about lung cancer) as?

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"You can’t say “I don’t do politics”, because silence is a political statement."
—Tariq Ramadan (via uniteforpalestine)

(via samanticshift)

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Anonymous said: how do you know so much about politics?


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Anonymous said: North Korea is a dictatorship, right?

Yes. Communism cannot function with any one person having power over everyone else, especially with any one person with that much power over everyone else. And this isn’t even a “they say they’re communist, but they’re not reaaaallly" argument because North Korea does not identify as communist anymore. The removed all allusion to communism and socialism from their constitution in 2009.

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Anonymous said: Apparently Engels says that Marx was a socialist and not a communist and the words were defined slightly differently when Marx wrote the Manifesto.

Identifying as a socialist and believing pure, stateless communism is the final stage for a perfect world are not mutually exclusive.

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My preferred method of entertainment would be to send the little teenage tumblr commies to North Korea for a week or two and see how much they like their so-called utopia then. 

*laughs for a thousand years because you think North Korea is communist*

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Anonymous said: i didnt even know there was a communist party in this country. i would fear for my life if i were in it. why does it suck, anyway?

It’s become quite obvious that the CPUSA is not run by communists. It’s mostly full of Democratic Socialists, and even just straight up Democrats, which is fine, but I’m not sure what they’re doing in the Communist Party of the USA.

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